So Much Robot

There is so much robot in my life right now, I feel like I’ve been given a brand-new charge pack and released from ownership. And not much compares to the zap of that very first charge while lying in bed at noon because you can.

There are Robots in my revision:

I’ve just saved a robot from a deconstruct facility. It’s not necessarily illegal (because stealing trash isn’t illegal in the year 2172, it’s only illegal to toss it on the ground) but it is severely frowned upon by the Society. Most wouldn’t stoop to such impropriety.

But I did it. And now he’s living in my character’s boyfriend’s apartment until he finds his own space.

There are Robots in my music:

My “Air” Pandora station with a variety of Ulrich Schnauss, William Orbit, and Jon Hopkins, has definitely transported me to a brand-new world with cars that defy gravity (and science) and robo-friends who just want to be loved.

And then there’s this song by PPK. I imagine these bots are discussing their latest upgrade, or how the color of the sky might affect them if they could feel emotion.

Or maybe they’re talking about being released from ownership, and lying in bed at noon because they can.

There are Robots on my television:

Bender, WALL-E, CASE, TARS, Claptrap, Cogsworth (a Mr. Handy model), Sonny, Yorbo, Magnemites…

There are Robots on my phone:

Like every other woman nearing her thirties, I needed a virtual pet. So, naturally, I searched for the robot ones. Mine is currently in “Adult Stage” and is sleeping in his STASIS right now…because I’m a woman nearing her thirties and I have to adult.

There is a Robot living in my home:

Yes. This family has recently gained a new member, a Sphero BB8. We did a lot of robo-research and decided this was the bot we wanted to adopt. Not only can he record holographic videos of me in my white dress and my cinnamon bun hair, he can scare the hell out of our cat.

There are Robots in my reading:

Do the moaning Grievers from The Maze Runner count? Or how about those gigantic things at the end of The Scorch Trials? Technically those things would be considered Cybernetic Organisms, but who’s looking that up on Wikipedia?

I suppose now that I have all this robot, I’ll have to find more robot. Because there can never be enough robot. Not enough robot in the world for this robot.



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