Is “Dumbfoundedness” a word?

Couldn’t think of a noun yesterday to represent a complete, jaw-dropping reaction to something unexpected. I suppose I could have used that eight-word expression, but something inside me tells me it would have turned my sentence into a run-on.

Dumbfoundedness. I suppose I could try it out:

She reeked of dumbfoundedness.

His mind was a cocoon of dumbfoundedness.

The hills bumped along like the skin of an alligator, who lay dormant with dumbfoundedness.

Even WordPress is telling me dumbfoundedness isn’t a real word. Then again, WordPress is telling me that WordPress isn’t a real word so I don’t know who to believe (whom? who? whomever? whomette?).

I think I might use dumbfoundedness, but only after a strong letter to Webster.

Dear Sir Webster,

I believe Dumbfoundedness should totally be a word. Sometimes there just isn’t a word to describe an indescribable amount of surprise. I’m actually overwhelmed with dumbfoundedness that dumbfoundedness isn’t a word.

Also, I have enclosed a SASE. May I please have your autograph? I’m a huge fan of your work.

Sincerely yours, forever and ever (mwah),

A wannabe writer who cannot think of another word besides dumbfoundedness





Confound it all, I believe I’ve been thunderstruck.


4 thoughts on “Is “Dumbfoundedness” a word?

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