The Winter Deciduous

Lightroom edit (1 of 1)

Trees are at their most vulnerable in winter, disrobed and dormant. Only their bones remain, turned to stone where they raised their hands to the summer sky only a blink ago.

Lightroom edit (5 of 8) black and white tree trio

To get through the brittle January, do they dream of birds? Of the peppered feel of wrens and finches and sparrows on their limbs? Do they imagine the titmouse’s song?

Peter. Peter.

20150325-DSC_0643 20151031-DSC_0667

I bet they tell their saplings, “there’s nothing like your first winter.”

And I bet when spring arrives, the saplings are the first to bloom.

All photos © Lina Forrester


4 thoughts on “The Winter Deciduous

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