Photography: My October Bucket List

© Lina Forrester

Double Exposure

Preferably one that brings a tingle to the spine, like the one above. I have four cameras I could do this with: DSLR, a film camera, an Instax, and my cell phone. I’m kind of hoping I can try it with all four, just to see the difference.

If you want to try a double exposure yourself, the setting is usually in your camera’s set-up. My DSLR does both double and triple exposures.

Chimney Smoke

The greatest smell in the world. I’m going to wait for a crisp, blue-sky day. With the air haze-free, the chimney smoke will be the star.

If you want to take a picture of chimney smoke, please keep your feet on the ground. I know it’s tempting to climb your neighbor’s lattice and grinch-out on the roof, but you’re going to wind up with either broken bones or a mugshot.

Something Abandoned

I might go to an antique store and try to find a broken doll or something super creepy as a “model” for a photoshoot in the woods (or a graveyard! ooh!)

Please note: if you are going to take a picture of an abandoned building, be warned that a lot of abandoned buildings are still owned by someone and you might want to ask first.


Where I live, cornfields are the thing this time of year. Especially corn mazes. I’m sure I can get some good images of Goo (who is going to be a cheetah this year) frolicking through a maze.

Beware. Cornfields are dusty and scratchy and sneezy and a hot spot for UFOs.

© Lina Forrester

Long Exposure “Ghosts”

Goo and I love doing these.

To do this: set up your tripod and make the exposure length longer than a second. Have someone run or twirl through while the picture is being taken. Another option is to set the exposure to around 30 seconds and have someone–yes, it can be you–stand in a chosen spot for ten to fifteen seconds and then get out of the frame and let that spot sit empty for the rest of the exposure.

Three different pumpkins

All in one picture. I want to get three different pumpkins, all different sizes, maybe even different colors, and put them all into one frame.

Don’t have pumpkins? Any gourde will do!


I’ve always had bad luck getting decent pictures of candlelight. So I’m going to stop trying to freeze-frame a flame (say that five times fast) and instead I’m going to try to get creative with it. Double exposure? Long exposure? A candle beside a bonfire? Not sure yet. But I want more than just the standard.

If you want to take a picture of something in low light, like a candle, you will need a tripod. Preferably a remote, too, but I can’t find a single one in my town for a Nikon so I’m just going to set the timer.

Be careful. Candles have fire on them and fire is hot.

Find a “raven”

We have a few cat-sized crows in our town, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a raven. However, there is a felt raven glued to a picture on my wall, and there are plenty of fake ravens in the Halloween section of every store in America. I’m sure I can find one somewhere.

If you hear the word “nevermore,” run.

Creepy Clock

I’m thinking about doing a whole “theme” of clock shots.They don’t have to be pro-quality or anything, just a fun side-project to keep me entertained. Plus Goo can help me find them.

© Lina Forrester

An “eerie” photoshoot 

Goo was only two years old during this photoshoot, but she did everything I asked and thought it was hilarious. Now that she’s nearing four, I think she’ll really have fun. I plan on finding her a creepy little dress–preferably something old-fashioned–and tapping into my basket of dead flowers.

That’s my October photography bucket list. What’s on yours? Feel free to share a link in the comments below so others can find it.



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