Sun Flares

© Lina Forrester

Almost everyone who knows me, knows I like to take pictures with my lens detached from the body of my camera. Freelensing produces a haunting blur that I’ve never been able to re-create in an editing program, and even on the days I swear to myself that I will keep my lens attached, I wind up freelensing. I never leave my broken 40mm at home.

Disclaimer: freelensing is dangerous for your camera. If you have an expensive camera and/or you use it to pay your bills, I would suggest buying a lensbaby. The blur they produce isn’t quite the same, but it’s a much, much safer method and will keep your sensor clean.

With freelensing–especially on bright days–there’s always a chance that I will let in some sunlight. And sometimes, after taking a picture, I will look at the display and see a beautiful rainbow shooting across the frame.

© Lina Forrester

© Lina Forrester

© Lina Forrester

© Lina Forrester

© Lina Forrester

About a decade ago, I was walking around on my Dad’s property and decided to take a picture of a unique design built into the outer wall of his house. I didn’t know it until later, but at the precise moment I hit the shutter release, a butterfly flew through the frame. It totally blocked the design on the wall, but I couldn’t have cared less. I’d been photobombed by a butterfly for crying out loud.

And that’s almost as cool as being photobombed by the sun.



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