A Roll of Film and the Windy City

My last visit to Chicago was over five years ago. Depressing, since it’s my favorite place on Earth. Even now, I can still hear the wind gushing through the tallest buildings I’ve ever seen, can still see the birds pecking at the pieces of omelet we tossed them as we enjoyed breakfast on Navy Pier, can still taste a Gino’s East deep dish pepperoni. I can still see the shadows of sailboats in the morning fog.

We went during Labor Day weekend and I was about 20 weeks pregnant. We had just found out we were having a girl, and we talked about one day taking her to the LEGO shop and the American Girl shop and to the Museum of Science and Technology.


I brought along my Canon Rebel T2. Bought with a meager paycheck in 2006, it’s a pretty basic SLR still attached to its kit lens, but since my Canonet broke (coincidentally, during a previous visit to Chicago) it was the only film camera I had, and I wanted to get some filmy shots of the Windy City.

Good thing about my Rebel is it never disappoints.










I hope we can visit Chicago next year. Hopefully by then I’ll have a new lens for my Pentax K1000–I’m also getting a Polaroid Snap for Xmas–several rolls of 35mm and several boxes of both Instax and Zink film. Then I can have some real fun.



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