The First Snowfall of the Season

Winter doesn’t technically begin until tomorrow, but since the temps here have been in the 20’s or below, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jack Frost threw out his calendar.

We had our first *real* snowfall the other day, which wasn’t even an inch, but it was just enough that we decided on giving Goo something she’s been asking for.

“Santa came by last night to give you an early present,” we told her. “He figured, because it snowed, you might have more fun with this now.”

Her face lit up when Daddy came up the stairs.

“It’s a sleigh?” she asked. “A pink sleigh?”

She plopped herself on it and grinned.


It was about 6 degrees outside, with a windchill of -10, so we bundled up Goo ’til she could barely move, and my husband pulled on his thick coat and hat, and the two of them ran outside.

The snow wasn’t quite deep enough for angels, and was too powdery for snowmen. But Goo had her pink sleigh, and that was enough.

They apparently barreled into a tree on their first try.



I would have had a little more fun with my camera if it hadn’t been so cold. Only seconds passed before my fingers were stiff and immovable. I managed to get two “decent” shots with the DSLR before quickly snapping some family shots with the iPhone and fleeing inside my warm house to brew a fresh cup of coffee.


Hopefully the next time it snows it will be deeper, and the perfect packing kind to build a three-foot-tall snowman, and the outside will be a warm 30 degrees with a with a wind chill of at least 25.

And hopefully by then I’ll have some mittens.



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