I gave this picture a (desperately-needed) makeover.


At first I was excited by the colors of this picture. I don’t know why. I had this weird preset on Lightroom that I’d made and when I clicked on it, I felt like it worked great for this image.

But I kept seeing it throughout the year, in my folders, on my Flickr, on the blog, and the more I glanced at it, the more I realized the colors were all wrong. I love blue and pink together, and this seemed more like a cross-processed nightmare. Too much yellow. Too much yellow-green. I’m a cool-toned gal. I wanted cool blues and a soft pinks.

So I returned to Lightroom. With a brand-new computer, I have a whole bunch of new presets that I’ve made these last several months, including a low-vibrance thing I’ve been giving a few images, such as the following:




I love the soft, powdery tones this preset provides. And since I’m freelensing, I’m always hoping for a “dreamy” effect. The soft colors–at least from my perspective–allow that.

So I gave the preset to the image, and this is what I got.


Whoa moody! Looks almost like a Christopher Nolan movie. While I love his work, this is not what I was going for. I wanted a bit more color, a bit more sky blue and cherry tree pink. So I tweaked the color settings and upped the vibrance just a bit. I also toned down the vignette.

Once I was happy with the colors, I decided to give it a texture. A few years ago, I slathered some acrylic on a sheet of canvas board, then scratched it up a bit. It creates something of a powdery–I love that word, apparently–almost chalky texture. So I opened the spring image in Photoshop and added the texture. I changed the texture’s blend mode to “soft light” and lowered the opacity.

Finally, I got what I’d envisioned when I first saw those blossoms moving in the damp, spring wind.


Here is a before and after:


Click on the image to see it bigger

Have questions about freelensing, editing, or textures? Feel free to ask in the comments below!

All photos © by Lina Forrester


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