My Favorite Photos of 2016

I took a TON of pictures last year, so it was hard to dig through them all and figure out which photos were my “best.” And what makes a photo the “best,” anyway? Is it one that follows all the rules? A spot-on white balance? Is it the amount of thought/creativity that went into the piece?

Luckily, I’m a hobbyist, which means my “best” can be whatever the hell I want it to be. So I consider my best work to be the work that means the most, regardless of rules. They’re the photos I look at and say: “Awwww, I love this. I need to print it and put it in my box.” Because the best deserves more than a hard drive life.

These photos may have flaws. There might be head chops and limb chops and weird angles and odd colors, but I couldn’t care less. They’re the ones that have stopped me in my tracks every time.




2 thoughts on “My Favorite Photos of 2016


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