About Me

I’m Lina and I’m a young adult writer pursuing a traditional publishing career. I spend my mornings chewing on my lip, smearing ink with the side of my left hand, and staring off into space.

Aside from writing and cleaning the French press, I like to take pictures by removing the lens from my camera (freelensing). Check out my flickr.

I spend my leisure time binge-reading and eating ice cream. I currently reside in a work-in-progress condo with a husband, a wee one, and a cat.

I have had both my writing and my photography published in Conclave: A Journal of Character. I’ve also had an article published on Moms Uniting Moms and my photography has been featured in Photography Masterclass Magazine.

You can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. Most of my posts involve the interests above, and I have a tendency to share every single photo I see with a cup of coffee in it.

More info about me can be found on my website.